Cheonyuldan Hwayul Ultimate Regenerating Essence 50ml set

Cheonyuldan Hwayul Ultimate Regenerating Essence 50ml set


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The History of Whoo's Cheonyuldan line, which is a premium and complete anti-aging regeneration line that adds moisture and radiance, providing skin balance to reach its ideal healthy, beautiful state. 

This set includes:

  • Cheonyuldan Ultimate Regenerative Essence 50ml
  • Cheonyuldan Ultimate Rejuvenative Balancer 25ml (Sample)
  • Cheonyuldan Ultimate Rejuvenative Emulsion 25ml (Sample)
  • Cheonyuldan Ultimate Regenerative Cream 10ml (Sample)
  • Cheonyuldan Ultiamte Regenerating Overnight Mask 10ml (Sample)
  • Hwanyu Imperial Youth First Serum 15ml (Sample)


  • Silk-like soft texture
  • Highly concentrated essence
  • Formulated with orchid flowers and Eastern herbal ingredients
  • Deeply penetrates the skin
  • Gives moisture and radiance for the skin to look dewy, smooth, and firm

How to Use:

After using a balancer or toner, pump an appropriate amount of product onto hands and softly apply to the skin from the center of the face in outward motions. Cover the face with the palms of your hands and use the heat from your hands to help with absorption. *Use in the morning and evening.


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