O HUI The First Geniture Cream Intensive 55ml

O HUI The First Geniture Cream Intensive 55ml


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This moisturizing cream contains highly enriched extract of white peony to help vitalize the surface of the skin, improving the strength, firmness and transparency of aging skin. It also offers protection of active ingredients at skin care stage and softness against external environment in the form of a highly enriched, thick cream.


  • Vitalize surface of skin
  • Anti-aging
  • High enriched extract of white peony
  • Makes firm and healthy skin
  • Can be used in all seasons

How to Use:

At the last stage of skin care, melt a small pearl-size amount of the product slightly with your finger tips to give off the fragrance for about 2 or 3 seconds, and spread over face and neck evenly. Lightly wrap your face with both palms, giving soft pressure for absorption. For more efficient circulation of active ingredients, lightly press the major acupressure points of blood on face using the included metal massager.


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