O HUI Prime Advancer Skin Pad

O HUI Prime Advancer Skin Pad


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O HUI Prime Advancer Skin Pad - 70pads/150ml

Prime Advancer Skin Pad refreshingly tidies up skin to make it smooth and moisturizes sensitive skin with its PHA ingredient.


  • Rejuvenates tired and dull skin
  • Provides moisture to skin 
  • Gentle cleaning of skin 
  • Convenient to use 

How to use:

  1. After washing the face, gently wipe the skin with the embosses side (except skin around the eyes) in the direction of skin texture or attach the soft side to areas that need soothing and remove the pad after 5~10 minutes.

  2. Lightly pat the face with your fingertips to assure the absorption of product residue into skin.

 * Close the lid tightly to prevent the pad from drying up. Keep the product upright to prevent the content from leaking.