Hwanyu Imperial Youth Balancer 125ml

Hwanyu Imperial Youth Balancer 125ml


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Hwanyu Imperial Youth Balancer

A balancer to help prepare a beautiful skin by vitalizing its basis. The formula features various herbs, which helps to present a soft skin full of moisture


  • The most premium line from the History of Whoo
  • Controls skin energy and circulation
  • Produces the harmony of Ying and Yang and delivers the optimal benefits into the skin
  • Highly concentrated formula derived from over 70 natural ingredients (including Organic Wild Ginseng)
  • Helps to make the skin look 10 years younger
  • Can see the difference within a month
  • Keeps the delicate skin moist, smooth, and firm

How to Use:

After washing the face, clear the skin texture by spreading softly as working outward from inside of the face, and from bottom to top of the neck.


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