O HUI The FIRST GENITURE Ampoule Advanced 80ml Special Set

O HUI The FIRST GENITURE Ampoule Advanced 80ml Special Set


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This set includes:

  • THE FIRST GENITURE Ampoule Advanced 80ml → 200% size up! (40ml original)
  • THE FIRST GENITURE Skin Softener 20ml (Sample)
  • THE FIRST GENITURE Emulsion 20ml (Sample)
  • THE FIRST GENITURE Cell Essential Source 40ml (Sample)
  • THE FIRST GENITURE Sym-Micro Essence 5ml (Sample)
  • THE FIRST GENITURE Cream Intensive 7ml (Sample)
  • THE FIRST GENITURE Eye Cream 5ml (Sample)
  • THE FIRST GENITURE Foam Cleanser 80ml (Sample)
  • THE FIRST GENITURE 7 Colours Special Lip Collection 9.8g (Sample)

The FIRST GENITURE Ampoule Advanced

This product is the representative of The First Geniture line as the integration of the essence of The First Geniture's technology. With precious gold, highly enriched [Signature 29 Cell] for nutrition and vitality supply and invigorating ingredients to infuse growth energy deep into skin, this highly concentrated total care ampoule makes a fundamental change in skin to feel your hands.


  • Regenerates skin cells
  • Anti-aging
  • Increases density and elasticity to skin
  • Moisturizing
  • Makes firm and healthy skin

How to Use:

After using Cell Essential Source, spread over face and neck before essence. Wrap entire face with soft pressure for absorption. For more visible effect, apply on where needs a fast improvement.


Cleansing → Skin Softener → Cell Essential Source → Ampoule Advanced → Essence → Emulsion → Eye Cream → Cream Intensive