su:m37˚ Water-full Full Packaged Edition

su:m37˚ Water-full Full Packaged Edition


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This set includes:

  • su:m37˚ Water-full Skin Refreshing Toner 170 ml
  • su:m37˚ Water-full Rebalancing Gel Emulsion 120 ml
  • su:m37˚ Water-full Time Leap Water Gel Cream 20 ml
  • su:m37˚ Water-full Time Leap Moisturizing Cream 20 ml
  • su:m37˚ Water-full Intense Enriched Ampoule 15 ml x 2 ea
  • su:m37˚ Water-full Intense Eye Serum 15 ml
  • su:m37˚ Water-full Deep Effect Ampoule 5 ml x 6 ea (Sample)
  • su:m37˚ Water-full Radiant Aura Mask 60 ml (Sample)
  • su:m37˚ Water-full Timeless Water Gel Mist 60 ml (Sample)
  • su:m37˚ Water-full Water Gel Cleansing Foam 40 ml (Sample)


  • Formulated with fermented ingredient
  • Soothes and moisture sensitive and irritated skin
  • Keeps the skin hydrated all day
  • All skin type
  • Lightweight texture
  • Great for pore care
  • Contains Snow Lotus and Bamboo Sap

How to Use:

- Water-full Skin Refreshing Toner

After cleansing, take a small amount on the cotton pad and pat it around the face.

- Water-full Rebalancing Gel Emulsion

After applying essence, take an appropriate amount and spread it gently tapping with fingers from the middle towards the outer part of the face.

- Water-full Time Leap Moisturizing Cream

Take an appropriate amount, apply it around the facial area by massaging and tapping gently along the skin texture for better absorption.

Water-Full Time Leap Water Gel Cream

After applying emulsion, apply a moderate amount of Gel Cream on the entire face. Pat gently for better absorption.

Water-Full Intense Enriched Ampoule

After applying toner every morning or evening, apply a moderate amount of ampoule in the order of cheeks, forehead, chin and spread evenly along the skin texture. Pat gently for better absorption.

- Water-full Intense Eye Serum

Before applying cream, apply a pearl-like amount and spread it out in dots around eye areas. Use the attached applicator to massage the area gently.