su:m37˚ Water-full Bluemune Essence 50ml Special Set

su:m37˚ Water-full Bluemune Essence 50ml Special Set


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This set includes:

  • su:m37˚ Water-full Bluemune Essence 50ml
  • su:m37˚ Water-full Skin Refreshing Toner 20ml (Sample)
  • su:m37˚ Water-full Rebalancing Gel Emulsion 20ml (Sample)
  • su:m37˚ Water-full Time Leap Moisturizing Cream 10ml (Sample)
  • su:m37˚ Water-full Water Gel Cleansing Foam 40ml (Sample)

Su:m37˚ Water-full Bluemune Essence

It contains marine-derived fermentation ingredients, and it is an essence that provides abundant moisture and nutrition to make your skin elastic. Clear pearl-colored essence covers your skin silky and makes your skin moist and firm.



  • Formulated with fermented ingredient
  • Soothes and moisture sensitive and irritated skin
  • All skin type
  • Lightweight texture

How to Use:

After using toner, pump an appropriate amount and gently spread it along the skin texture from inside to outside of the face, then cover the face lightly with the palm of your hand and absorb it deeply. Pump the areas that are troubled by dryness or lack of elasticity one more time and apply it again.