OHUI Age Recovery 3pcs Special Set

OHUI Age Recovery 3pcs Special Set

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O HUI's super anti-aging line instantly diminishes visible signs of aging. It helps build up Type 3 collagen - the "Baby collagen™", one of the 27 collagens; which is responsible to reduce wrinkles and make the skin return to childlike softness and elasticity.

This Set includes:

  • OHUI Age Recovery Skin Softener 150ml
  • OHUI Age Recovery Emulsion 140ml
  • OHUI Age Recovery Cream 30ml
  • OHUI Age Recovery Skin Softener 20ml (Sample)
  • OHUI Age Recovery Emulsion 20ml (Sample)
  • OHUI Age Recovery Soft Amino Foam 45ml (Sample)
  • OHUI Age Recovery Planning Ampoule 9ml (Sample)
  • OHUI Rich Hand Cream 30ml (Sample) 


  • Fills skin fully with the "Baby collagen" to make firm and healthy skin
  • Boosts skin's elasticity
  • Anti-aging & Anti-wrinkle
  • Moisturizing
  • Good for dry to combination and sensitive skin types
  • When you wear it at night, you will wake up with dewy and smooth skin in the morning


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